On Writing.

Why is this new blog called “This Is Just For Me?” Well, because part of me wants absolutely no one to read this. That this is truly only an exercise for one.

I used to write a lot, back in the halcyon days of blogging. I never, ever wanted to blog again. Never thought I would.

But sometimes…

You just have to write. You don’t want to. You push past the optics of being a person who blogs, past the ick of your neediness and delusions of personal grandeur.

Because deep down, I am a flashing 50 foot neon sign with an arrow, “Look over here!”

But then, as soon as you pivot and zoom in, I scurry away into the darkness, hiding behind the billboard advertising my need for attention.

I want you to like me, to give me attention, but like…in a cool way.

This is just for me…unless you like it.


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I used to think life is all about living a story you are proud to retell--but now I've stopped living for an audience. I'm learning to live a life of "yes" rather than "no."

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